GUEST BLOG: Parker Chambers, Junior Dragster


Three days before Thanksgiving in 2013 Parker went to bed just like every other normal child. During the night her parents noticed some reoccurring issues.  Her mother worked at Vandy Peds and had been living with T1D for over 30 years, and her father was a medic at a local fire department and ambulance service – so they knew they needed to check her blood glucose.  They checked it around 3 am and found it to be well above normal, in the 400s.

The next day, at Vanderbilt, Parker’s diagnosis with T1D was confirmed.  Parker handled the news a lot better then her parents did.  After a long day of being introduced to being a T1D, on the ride home she asked her dad, “does this mean I can’t drive my dragster?”  Her dad responded that they were determined to not let T1D change her life…

About 3 months before her diagnosis, Parker was searching YouTube and came across a video of a Jr Dragster and she wanted to try it.  After some research and going to local tracks, her parents decided to would let her race.  She was hooked right away!

Parker started on an insulin pump before the season started in the Spring of 2014. As rookies, the driver (Parker) and her crew chief (her dad) had a rough start, but after about the 3rd race things got a lot better.  Halfway through the 2014 season she has a total of 9 final round appearances with three 1st place finishes and six 2nd place finishes!  She also just obtained her NHRA driver license and plans to compete for the NHRA division II title next season at THUNDER VALLEY in Bristol, TN in a 10 day race, plus several SEJRA races along with some races for Wallys next season.

Parker is determined not to let T1D slow her down!

Parker lives in Dickson with her mother and father and attends 6th grade at United Christian Academy.  You can visit her website at